Until now, there has never been a time in history where organizations have been so strategically focused on the importance of positive emotions. With the field of positive psychology exploding with revolutionary discoveries on mindfulness, happiness and positivity, our fastest growing practice area emerged with evidence to back up what we’ve felt all along: happiness equals success.

Happiness & Positivity Training Programs

With the help of some of the world’s leading positive psychologists, we developed two flagship training programs on happiness and positivity. If you’re looking for an experience to magnify your commitment to inclusion, you can’t go wrong with a message on happiness. Ultimately, the insights gained will benefit your people and your business.

Happiness and positivity training in the workplace
The ROI of Positive Emotions

The Science of Happiness, Part 1

The Science of Happiness is based on empirical research from some of the leading experts in the field of positive psychology. It helps individuals understand the myths driving our beliefs about happiness while delivering practical happiness-increasing strategies that can be implemented immediately.

Key Objectives

  1. Know the “truth about happiness”
  2. Understand the myths about what truly makes people happy and how our assumptions about what should make us happy may be leading us into a vicious circle of unhappiness.
  3. Learn how to look for positivity.

Participants take a journey to understand where their positivity levels come from, the impacts of those levels and how to correctly increase opportunities for happiness both personally and in the workplace.

The workshop also explains the thought patterns and behaviors of people who are considered to be “very happy.” These insights, both documented and proven, will offer each participant their own customized blueprint of how to uncover and take control of their own happiness.

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Happiness and positivity training programs
A closer look at positivity

The Science of Happiness, Part 2

This natural extension to our first program takes you deeper into understanding why only 10% of our Happiness comes from our life experiences. Turns out, there is a scientific reason why over time we experience less positive emotions from the good stuff and less negative emotions from the bad stuff.

Key Objectives

  1. Happiness is a matter of how you see the world that surrounds you. By choosing to retrain your brain to look through a lens of optimism, you will affect your future. Participants will learn concrete exercises that have been proven to create a lens of positivity.
  2. Have unlocked the mysteries to well- being and happiness. Participants will learn statistically validated activities proven to increase levels of happiness while avoiding attitudes that have the potential for a negative impact.

This happiness and positivity training program offers practical ideas on how to extend the joy that comes along with your successes, relationships and life experiences. It also provides evidence-based research on how important it is to engage in activities that you enjoy and at the same time, are challenging.

Participants learn how to be more optimistic along with coming to understand the proof that optimistic people are healthier, live longer and have more life satisfaction.

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