Skillfully communicating your organizations stance on inclusion is an important job. Even today, people’s minds can be clouded with negative assumptions about the true meaning of diversity and inclusion. And if you’re responsible for rolling out education, then your reputation is at stake for the quality of training programs you invest in. It’s got to be effective.

Diversity and Inclusion Training Programs

Valuing Our Differences©
(Our D&I Flagship Program)

Valuing Our Differences (VOD) dispels the myths of boring, shame-based diversity and inclusion training where people can’t make the connection to business.

Training Program Objectives

Diversity and inclusion training programs
Use the power of awareness to empower your people
  • Understand how diversity and inclusion impact employee engagement and the bottom line.
  • Recognize how assumptions and bias can get in the way of people doing their best work.
  • Understand the importance of being a positive and inclusive team member or leader.
  • Use tools to increase confidence and comfort levels in engaging in conversations that help create a more inclusive place to work.

VOD enters into this conversation in a way that opens minds without shutting them down. This positive and uplifting program helps participant understand the business necessity for creating a more inclusive environment while gently getting people to reflect on their own biases and behaviors. Our program is bolstered with evidence-based research that proves inclusive behaviors lead to better business results.

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The Power & Positivity of Inclusion©

This is our answer to next level diversity training. As brilliant as our minds can be, they can instinctually lead us down a misguided path. Ultimately, influencing the judgements we make about people.

Training Program Objectives

Diversity and inclusion training in the workplace
Craft better business results with high-quality connections
  • To heighten awareness of learned thought patterns that influence decisions at work
  • Deepen understanding of biases in order to NOT let them interfere with judgment
  • Provide proven pathways for how to foster positive relationships that build inclusive cultures
  • Help create an understanding of how each person helps shape the organizational culture.

Building on the principles from our D&I flagship program, Valuing Our Differences, The Power & Positivity of Inclusion (PPI) explores how powerful our brain is and how powerfully it can be persuaded. This diversity and inclusion workshop deepens participants understanding of bias and how micro-messages compromise work performance. PPI also provides specific pathways for creating work relationships that drive innovation, creativity and inclusion.

Rooted in research from leading positive psychologists and experts in the field of diversity and inclusion, this program outlines specific strategies on how to foster positive relationships that result in quantifiable business outcomes.

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