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Building on the principles from our diversity and inclusion flagship program, Think Inclusively, The Power & Positivity of Inclusion (PPI) explores the power of the brain and how easily it can be influenced. This diversity and inclusion workshop deepens participants’ understanding of bias and the ways in which micro-messages compromise work performance. PPI also provides specific pathways for creating work relationships that drive innovation, creativity and inclusion. Rooted in research from leading positive psychologists and experts in the field of diversity and inclusion, this program outlines specific strategies on how to foster positive relationships that result in quantifiable business outcomes. Training Program Objectives
  • Heighten awareness of learned thought patterns that influence decisions at work
  • Deepen understanding of inevitable biases and learn how to prevent them from interfering with sound judgment
  • Provide proven pathways for fostering positive relationships that build inclusive cultures
  • Create an understanding of how each unique individual helps shape organizational culture

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