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Whether you were the witness or the victim, a part of your brain thought, “Did that really just happen? Am I crazy? Did anyone else catch that?” In an ideal world, someone would speak up right away, interrupt the moment and calm the intensity. Those ally moments are important, but they don’t always happen. Equally important is another opportunity that is often overlooked: checking in with the victim afterward. A simple gesture can make a person feel validated and relieved, boosted instead of drained, and most of all, supported. The act of affirming another’s experience is one of the most powerful ways to be an ally. Yet many people simply don’t feel they have the skill or the permission to use it. In “The Ally Check-In”, Buck Davis shares a path for respectfully checking in with someone who may have experienced an exclusionary moment. He offers a step-by-step approach to confidently support colleagues while maintaining personal boundaries. This training is about learning how to check in with a co-worker and offer assurance that their feelings matter, that someone has their back. In the workshop we’ll cover: Key Lessons
  • The power of the simple act of leaning in.
  • Offering support without getting too personal.
  • Validating another’s experience without saying “I agree.”
  • Conveying support without feeling the need to solve the problem or become involved in the situation.
  • The value of these skills beyond the workplace.

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