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The backdrop of this historic inflection point means disruption and distraction at work. At the same time, it offers a rare opportunity for employers to be agents of change by offering employees a safe environment to begin new conversations and explore a path toward healing. Race, Resilience & The Role of the Ally© is an interactive webinar on race, privilege and collaboration in the workplace. It provides attendees a positive, moderated forum to share their feelings about the layered implications of civil unrest and societal conflict. During the webinar, participants will learn about tools grounded in evidence-based research to help them cope with the fear, anxiety and mental fatigue that they are facing. They will explore three mindsets proven to enhance resilience and how to translate each into practical ways to take care of themselves and their teammates. They’ll learn what it means to be an ally at work. For many of your employees, the marginalization of other US citizens may have only existed in the periphery of their consciousness until now, while others live with a vivid reminder of these forces daily. Wherever your employees’ perspectives may fall, this workshop will enlighten, empower, align and uplift. It is ultimately designed to ignite attitudes that will make your workplace the inclusive experience it needs to be today.

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