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What I Do

Simply: I teach and try to be inspirational while doing so. Most of the time my work is delivering training workshops that help companies create more inclusive and positive workplaces. I also take the same messages to bigger stages in the form of keynotes. Lately, more and more people have asked me to do public workshops so their friends and family can have access to the same knowledge and information that they have the privilege of learning at work. So, I've released short films designed to make your life and work better so that your life works better for you.

About Me

I was born and raised in a small town in South Carolina called Abbeville. Most of my family are still there. After stints in Chicago and Los Angeles, I now proudly call Atlanta, GA my home. For 20 years, I’ve been working in the field of diversity and inclusion, a profession that has brought me great joy and a tremendous amount of meaning in my life (along with an occasional appearance on CNN).My work has always been about helping people find ways to bring out the best in others and themselves. I have an MBA and a Masters in Professional Counseling, which, together, have provided a nice blended foundation for understanding the business to human connection at work. I’m also relentlessly positive. And I am unabashedly passionate about sharing what I’ve learned (and still learning) that helps make life a more positive experience.

Featured Videos

Training Programs

designed for companies and employees

All trainings can be delivered virtually

Think Inclusively©

Managing Unconscious Bias at Work.

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The Power & Positivity of Inclusion©

Building High Quality Connections That Drive Results.

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Meet Inclusively©

Design meetings in a way that brings out the best in everyone.

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About The Programs

If you believe in the transfer of knowledge and lifelong learning, then you believe in the value of training. It’s the way we’re most likely to grow and develop our skills once we’ve moved on from formal education settings and transitioned into the workplace.I’ll come right out and say it…I’m a self-professed training snob! Snobbish about evidence-based content, quality, and about using your time effectively, productively and strategically. And I’m definitely a snob about making sure participants have fun! Our trainings are high-energy, practical and rooted in evidence-based research. The content is always connected to real work situations and our programs provide clear ways to take the learning into life. Our programs can be led by one of our master facilitators or by one of your own team members who can be certified through our train-the-trainer certification process.



Looking for a speaker and want a sense of the type of work I deliver on stage? Check out my speaking reel to get a sense of who I am, what I stand for, and the work I do in the world.


Keynote speaking

If you’re in search of a speaker for your meeting, annual event or conference, look no further. Or as I like to say, “the Buck stops here!” Your audience will enjoy how I bring information to life in a fun, interactive and informative way. I work hard to make everything I share practical and applicable both to work and to life outside of work. Here are my current topics...

The Business of Well-Being©

Happiness & Resilience in the Workplace

Positively Resilient©

Strengthening Essential Skills to Rebound, Recover and Thrive

The Science of Happiness©

The ROI of Positive Emotions

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Diversity, Inclusion & Unconscious Bias

Skillfully communicating your organization’s stance on inclusion is a very important job. Both internal and external stakeholders expect organizations to demonstrate their commitment to creating an environment where people can do their best work and have a sense of belonging. Yet, negative assumptions about diversity training can cloud people’s perceptions of its value. Our workshops take a fresh approach by underscoring the importance of inclusion, using data on how positive emotions have a profound effect on people. The business case for inclusion becomes irrefutable while inspiring participants about the importance of having a positive attitude at work. Participants will leave these programs uplifted and excited to have learned (or have been reminded of) how to engage with each other more respectfully.


With more than two decades of experience guiding and consulting companies on how to launch or move their diversity...

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No matter where you are in your career, sometimes it helps to have an outside perspective. A person you can trust...

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