Buck Davis is a highly regarded speaker who delivers informative and inspirational talks with the hopes of improving businesses by enhancing the connections between the people who work in them. He speaks on happiness & positivity, diversity & inclusion and unconscious bias. His presentations can be offered as a workshop, lunch and learn or keynote address – whatever works best for organizers and attendees.

You may have seen Buck in one of his appearances on CNN. If so, you may already know that his presentation style is conversational and interactive. His quick ability to build rapport creates an exciting relationship between he and the audience that leads to learning in a fun and authentic manner. His dynamic, yet relatable approach allows him to present information in a way that’s relevant and easy to put into practice.


Buck is in the business of speaking because he wants to:

  • Share information to help people to live their best career lives;
  • Remind people of the good in themselves; and
  • Help businesses get better by improving the people part of work.

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Two of his most popular talks are: The Science of Happiness and The Power and Positivity of Inclusion. Both are fun, informal, and highly informational – presented with just the right amount of humor and the southern charm Buck has come to be known for. Presentations are offered both in-person and online.

The Science of Happiness

The use of positive psychology as a motivational tool is growing exponentially around the world. Thanks to a wealth of empirical research conducted by some of the world’s most trusted experts, leaders in both the corporate and nonprofit worlds are coming to realize the power of well-being in building successful organizations. In simple terms, happiness breeds success.

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Buck’s the Science of Happiness presentation feels very much like a conversation intentionally designed to engage every participant. This talk typically last 90 minutes to 2 hours. During their time with Buck, participants actively participate in exploring:

  • What it really means to be happy
  • Myths of happiness that actually create unhappiness
  • How different people perceive happiness
  • The benefits of optimistic thinking
  • The individual’s responsibility for creating happiness
  • Different ways to look for and embrace positivity
  • Statistically validated methods for increasing happiness while avoiding the negative

This presentation incorporates the Poll Everywhere platform into the discussion. With the platform, participants can log in anonymously by using their cell phone to answer polling questions presented by Buck. Participants text in answers that are then seen in real time to drive the discussion forward. Poll Everywhere invites genuine participation, openness, and anonymity among participants.

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The Power and Positivity of Inclusion

The Power and Positivity of Inclusion is another collective experience in which Buck focuses on how unconscious bias gets in the way of building high-quality connections between people, connections that ultimately lead to better performance.

This signature talk is a non-threatening and unique way to learn more about the subtle forms of biases and their negative impact. As Buck explains, humans have powerful brains that are influenced by a whole host of things, many that we don’t fully understand. These influences shape our thoughts and decisions. They help create the biases that affect how we interact with others.

Diversity and inclusion consultingBuck facilitates a discussion to help participants understand strategies for establishing high quality connections at work. The benefits of these types of relationships include increased creativity, more engagement, greater resilience, better corporate citizenship, and a willingness to help others.

Some of the subjects covered in this presentation include:

  • Conscious and unconscious bias
  • Respectfully engaging with people
  • Communicating in a supportive way
  • Creating trust among those we interact with
  • Building relational bonds outside of work
  • Task enabling others (coaching and mentoring others on the power of inclusiveness)

During his presentation, Buck uses scientific studies along with personal experiences and visual content to teach participants practical applications of inclusiveness. The end result is a group of people who not only understand the power and positivity of inclusion, but also practical ways to facilitate inclusion at work.

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NOTE: Both talks are intentional about presenting the covered topics in a way that transcends the daily routine of work. As an employer, your organization will benefit from Buck’s high-impact presentations through employees who become more productive by fully embracing the truth of happiness and the power and positivity of inclusiveness. Participants will enjoy a better work life AND a better life outside of work.