Five Ways to Create More Positivity at Work

Creating a positive work environment

Most of us like to be around positive people, right? In fact, I’m willing to bet that most of us could use a little more positivity in our own lives. That’s one of the big reasons I blend positive psychology into my diversity training and consulting. I believe building a positive work environment is one…

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Diversity and Inclusion: It’s More than You Might Think

The importance of diversity and inclusion

Helping people have the best experience at work is something I’m passionate about. Between the ages of 20 and 70 we spend more time at work than anywhere else. That’s a big chunk of time. Unless you are rich, there’s a very high likelihood you’ve joined, or are trying to join, the rest of us…

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Happy (Enough) New Year

How to be happy enough this new year

Setting Expectations My friend Melissa is an admitted “glass-half-empty” kind of woman. It works for her. She’s pretty happy overall. I think it’s because she sets her expectations at a realistically low level. Things like her not dying on the way to work or not being fired today feel like wins. Maybe she’s on to…

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Having the Sexual Harassment Discussion with Your Team

Discussing sexual harassment with employees and team members

Hollywood and Washington are not an anomaly. Sexual harassment goes well beyond entertainment and politics to reach nearly every corner of the American workplace. It is just as much a part of corporate America as it is small business. Yet it seems we are collectively missing something. What we are missing is the simple fact…

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Speaking Out! Celebrating the Silence Breakers

Speaking out in the workplace

Time Magazine decided to honor the women who have stood up and spoken out via the #metoo movement by collectively naming them the 2017 Person of the Year. In so doing, they also coined a term to describe these brave and courageous women and men: “The Silence Breakers”. The #metoo campaign has given voice to…

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Dove Missed the Mark. Is Your Company Next?

Dove Ad

Marketing is a potential minefield of “Ouch!” moments when it comes to diversity and inclusion. On the one hand you want to grab attention and create something memorable. On the other hand, what one person finds innocent others may find offensive. One unflattering move and your brand can get branded. Dove, the well-known beauty products…

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