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There are themes tied closely to the female experience in the workplace that speak directly to the biases and blind spots of others---biases that have the potential to make work more difficult, uncomfortable and awkward. These experiences can influence women to “play small,” or sometimes choose not to play at all. In an economy where businesses are fighting for talent, competing for sales and striving to provide excellence with every customer interaction, having team members withdraw can have real bottom-line consequences. Gender-based stereotypes have the potential to affect business outcomes, erode confidence and leave valuable team members willingly forfeiting their unique strengths and capabilities. It can also severely thwart much-needed resilience.  “Bias, Playing Big & Bouncing Back” gives women the opportunity to share their personal experiences and explore long-standing patterns of meeting dynamics and workplace behaviors that may impact their willingness or ability to fully engage and contribute. Participants will walk away with proven strategies for handling awkward meeting moments and learn how to be more effectively “heard” without reinforcing negative gender stereotypes. They’ll be exposed to cutting-edge research about the importance of resilience and gain tools for bouncing back when work or life is wearing them down. These proven pathways will have participants leaving the session feeling more centered, focused and with practical tools and strategies that can be immediately implemented. Training Program Objectives
  • Understanding how biases and the behavior of others may influence women to play big, small or not at all.  
  • Provide ideas and options for handling uncomfortable meeting dynamics.
  • Strategies for avoiding the “likability trap”.
  • Leave with tools and ideas for building resilience and playing bigger.
  • A better understanding of how to support other females to play big.

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